A Statement of BAK Power Battery regarding illegal Agencies/Distributors/Dealers

2020-05-21| Source:

Dear Customers,

Recently, we are awarded of some so-called authorized Agencies/Distributors/Dealers of Shenzhen BAK Power Battery company, who carried out online/offline marketing or sales activities. They attract customers with “low price”, “original factory”, “direct sale”, “BAK battery agent/distributor”, and sell cylindrical cells with the logo of "BAK". In this regard, Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd and Zhengzhou BAK Battery co., Ltd. (hereinafter refer to as “BAK Battery”) hereby declare as follows:

1.BAK Battery does not officially authorize any form of agency/distributor/dealer to sell products of BAK (brand name “BAK”).

2. For any “BAK” batteries purchased from non-official sales channels, BAK Battery does not guarantee the reliability of the product quality, nor does it provide any technical support or after-sales service.

3. Please contact Shenzhen BAK Power Battery co., LTD. (Tel: 0755-63990882) before placing orders. Or the official WeChat account: huohufff

4. BAK Battery reserves the right to protect its own interests through relevant legal reactions and, in case of any lost of financial or reputation, BAK will investigate and trace the legal tortious liability.

Above, hereby declare by Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co.,Ltd.

MAY 21st 2020

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