BAK Power and China Southern Grid Energy launched China’s first energy storage project of battery package cascade utilization

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August 6th, Shenzhen – Today, Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd. and China Southern Grid Energy Service Co., Ltd. jointly completed the 2.15MW/7.27MWh cascade battery energy storage project, which was successfully put into operation after four months’ construction. As the user-end energy storage project, it will be applied to the industrial and commercial park. The primary function is to realize the peak load shaving of the power and provide power-assisted services. The project achieved multiple innovations at both the service model and the solution level, which is a remarkable milestone within the industry.


Photo: Leaders of BAK Power and CSG Energy

The project was carried out in the form of an innovative EPC cooperation. It is invested by CSG Energy, and BAK Power is responsible for the entire EPC solution for demand analysis, system design, product integration, construction, and commissioning. The project fully demonstrated the delivery capacity of BAK Power, and it is the first EPC service model project in the field of energy storage cascade utilization in China. Taking this project as a starting point, BAK Power and CSG Energy have reached a strategic cooperation, and will jointly expand in the field of energy storage and carry out deep-seated collaboration in the future.

Project delivered and was officially put into operation

As a practical application demonstration project of the national 863 program, the energy storage project put into operation this time adopted intellectualized and modularized design and integrated two technical schemes of NMC and LFP, which ensured strong safety and high stability. At the same time, the project is the first energy storage project in the industry to realize the application of battery packs. It will provide practical project experience and data support for key technologies of the power battery cascade utilization and electrochemical energy storage research, which are heat focuses in the current industry.

Photo: Media visited BAK Power’s Showroom

As an important means to meet the large-scale access of renewable energy, and an essential part of the distributed energy system and electric vehicle industry, energy storage technology plays a vital role in the energy Internet. According to the statistics of Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance (CNESA), by the end of December 2018, the cumulative installed capacity of global energy storage projects reached 180.9GW, and the global energy storage industry has stepped into the early stage of development. As one of the countries leading the development of the worldwide energy storage industry, China’s technology of energy storage application has begun to take shape.

Being supported with the policy and based on the stable expectations of the industry prospects, photovoltaic companies, distributed energy companies, power equipment companies, power battery companies, electric vehicle companies, etc. have joined the industry to pay tremendous effort expanding the energy storage market. As one of the pioneers in the lithium-ion battery industry, BAK Power's energy storage business has been developed into one of the company's three core businesses (EV power battery, 3C battery, energy storage battery), which is the new strategic direction and motivation for the development of BAK Power.

CSG Energy - BAK Power’s Energy Storage Cascade Utilization Power Station

The official operation of the battery energy storage cascade utilization project of CSG Energy and BAK Power represents the breakthrough development of BAK Power's energy storage business and also creates a new development direction for the industry. Pan Runfeng, vice president of the New Energy Division of CSG Energy, said: "In the cooperation process of this project, BAK Power presented reliable product quality, rapid project response capability, and high-quality project service capability. The new business model pioneered by BAK Power is particularly worthy of recognition and promotion."

In regard of the service model, the large-scale construction of energy storage on the user end mainly depends on technology, electricity cost and business model. At present, the user-end energy storage technology has been verified through a number of demonstration projects, and the cost of electricity has also been greatly reduced. The appropriate business model has naturally become the key to the development of storage capacity on the user end. In this project, BAK Power has successfully created a user-end energy storage business model that solves the interests of investors, general contractors, integrators, consumers, operators, etc., and a reproducible user-end energy storage business model. It fully showed BAK Power’s delivery capabilities about its energy storage system.

In terms of the solution, the energy storage system put into operation in this project integrated two energy storage systems of NMC batteries and LFP batteries. In the NMC energy storage system, the cascade utilization of the whole EV battery pack was creatively adopted, which reduced the costs of disassembly and reorganization. Moreover, to improve the stability of the system operation, the NMC energy storage system utilized a unique modular PCS multi-branch scheme, which enabled different voltage and capacity components to realize one-to-one battery pack management.

The interior of LFP system

at the battery energy storage cascade utilization power station

From the perspective of safety, the energy storage system put into operation adopted the intelligent design, realizing real-time monitoring of batteries, PCS, rotating rings, power grid, etc. In addition, it utilized full range of thermal simulation and structural design of batteries, battery packs, battery clusters, systems, as well as strict container intensity simulation design, unique fire protection system design to provide all-round guarantee for system security from four aspects of mechanical structure safety, electrical and electronic safety, thermal safety and application safety.


Xiang Chaoyao

General Manager of ESS Business Center of BAK Power, was interviewed by the media

Xiang Chaoyao, General Manager of ESS Business Center of BAK Power, said: "At present, BAK Power's battery energy storage products have been delivered in four major fields, and the products are distributed in Asia, Europe, Africa, and other places. With a current total shipment capacity of approximately 200MWh, it is planned to achieve a storage capacity of 1GWh by 2020. In the face of the important developmental period of the global and Chinese energy storage market, BAK Power will adhere to the research and development of new technology and new products based on the deep market insight and product development experience of team members. Furthermore, we will continue to make breakthroughs in product performance to deliver a steady stream of cell power to the energy storage field."

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